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Since 2003 the government has raised the minimum wage nine times. The most recent minimum wage hike was October 1, 2017 which announced a 15-cent hike in the minimum wage to $11.40 an hour. The 1.5% increase, which the Liberals have indexed to the Consumer Price Index, adds up to annual earnings for a person on minimum wage that’s about $800 above the poverty line in Ontario ($19,930).

Unfortunately that’s still about 17% below a living wage when you factor in the rising costs of food and housing. Every Ontario resident deserves a fair days wage for a fair days work. It is not however enough to raise the minimum wage. It is also necessary to let minimum wage earners keep more money in their pockets. The basic tax exemption for minimum age earners should be set at the poverty line so that they pay no income tax!

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The old fashion way of writing to your representatives is time consuming. Drafting a formal letter and finding the appropriate government addresses/offices can take days. The Mobile Activist app was created to be the fastest and easiest way possible to make your voice heard! Every time you cast your vote using this app, your decisions and comments will be tabulated and mailed to the appropriate MPP’s, local candidates, and key decision makers (whether that is 1 person or 100). 

Your vote matters! This app publishes all poll results and issued petitions so that your representatives will know how you want them to vote, and will be held accountable for their actions. When you use the Mobile Activist app, you are affecting positive change for you and your family. So become a Mobile Activist today and make your voice heard!

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POLL: Should the Ontario Government raise the minimum amount of money a person can earn tax free, so those in poverty do not have to pay tax?

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