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Homelessness in Canada is a major problem. At least 30,000 Canadians are homeless on any given night. On any given night, 2,880 are unsheltered (on the street), 14,400 are staying in emergency shelters, 7,350 are staying in violence-against-women shelters, 4,464 are in hospitals, jails or other interim facilities. Very little progress has been made toward a permanent solution to the homeless problem. It’s time the province shifted its focus from crisis management (emergency shelter beds and soup kitchens) to more permanent solutions.

Toronto currently has two empty hospital buildings that are, for the most part, not in use. They could be converted into fully equipped rehabilitation centers designed to help the homeless get back onto their feet. A plan needs to be developed and implemented to make this happen.

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POLL: Should the Ontario government use the empty hospitals to help the homeless?

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